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The university is a professional and technological higher education institution with the aim of providing education, promoting high-level academic and professional activities that focus on practice, teaching, research, producing professional teachers, providing academic services in the fields of magic and technology to society, marine conservation, art and culture and environmental protection, providing graduates with the opportunity to study for specialized careers primarily at the degree level


National Building Innovation RMUTT Creates Innovation


Committed to managing research and research, producing innovations and innovations that are valuable to society, society and the environment for the sustainable development of the country


1. Producing and developing people with academic abilities, professionalism, creative thinking and lifelong learning.
2. Create research, inventions, creativity, and innovation, make use of industrial, social, community benefits, or create commercial value.
3. Provide academic services to the community in the target area or business sector for sustainable development.
4. Religious Preservation, Art, Culture and Environmental Protection
5. Manage efficiently, efficiently and productively with innovation for continuous and sustainable development.


Innovative university that creates value to society and the country


University practitioner, multinational and innovative


practitioner, thinker, creative, innovative

Core Value

Organization Working Culture

Strategic Issues

The University of Technology of Nagorno-Karabakh has identified four strategic and policy-driven issues:

Strategic Issue 1 : Learning to be Innovator

Strategic Obiectives

Graduate as an innovative and innovative entrepreneur

Key Results – KR

KR 1.1 undergraduate graduates have worked in target industry groups.
KR 1.2 undergraduate graduates receive an average return equal to or higher than the standard salary.
KR 1.3 Student and Graduate Entrepreneur

Operational Plan

1. The quality development plan of students to provide professional performance to meet the needs of the job market.
2. Information Technology Performance Development Plan for Undergraduate Students
3. English skills development plan for undergraduate students
4. Course development plans that meet the needs of the market and promote entrepreneurship
5. Management development plans, courses and course-supplemental activities to promote entrepreneurship
6. Plan to promote technology and innovation ecosystems. Accelerate the development of entrepreneurs at the university.
7. The plan creates and develops the potential of students to provide knowledge and expertise in technology and innovation creation to enable them to apply knowledge, create work, develop products, become innovative.
8. Plan to develop a credit banking system to facilitate cross-institutional learning and learning


1. Encourage talented and potential students to continue their studies.
2. Develop and elevate courses to international standards.
3. Develop teaching learning processes. New models.
4. Collaborate with public and private sectors
5. Develop desired graduate student performance
6. Build an ecosystem for education and environmental development.
7. Develop and level up faculty performance
8. Establish a high-performance development center
9. Develop a learning impact assessment system
10. Develop students with entrepreneurial ideas
11. Develop student performance to comply with international standards.
12. Improve graduate potential to provide skills in line with social goals.
13. Up Skills/Re-skills/New Skills
14. Promote learning for elderly social groups

Strategic Issue 2 : Research for Innovation

Strategic Obiectives

Research and innovation has a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment, upgrading the competitiveness of countries

Key Results – KR

KR 2.1 The Economic, Social and Quality of Life Impact of Innovative Research and Development
KR 2.2 Research, creative work, knowledge, expertise and available technology are brought to create commercial value.
KR 2.3 Research published in academic journals or creative works published internationally on the basis of SCOPUS
KR 2.4 Research budget from external agencies (PPP, Industry, Government)

Operational Plan

1. Plans promote the use of research or innovation to boost the economy and improve the quality of life of society. Communities.
2. Plans to promote the commercial use of research or innovation.
3. Plan and promote publication of articles nationally or internationally.
4. Plan to raise quality, research and innovation levels that address national challenges with Strategic Partnerships with public and private organizations, both at home and abroad.
5. Network development plan, research collaboration with the private sector and industry
6. Increase the number of patents, intellectual property and innovation from research.
7. Plan to build/develop research personnel capabilities.


1. Develop and upgrade the quality of research in the strategic industry of the country.
2. Increase innovation that responds to national challenges with Strategic Partnership
3. Promote research and innovation
4. Scale space to reduce social ultrasound.
5. Develop professors to be professional researchers
6. Promote the publication of research and innovation
7. Seek funding to support innovation.
8. Seek collaboration to drive new entrepreneurs/businesses
9. Promote the introduction of innovation to national and international competitions.

Strategic Issue 3 : Social and Culture Enhance by Innovation

Strategic Obiectives

Enterprise, social, strong communities, improved quality of life and economy

Key Results – KR

KR 3.1 empowers people in the industrial sector to be developed on the basis of Re-skill, Up-Skill, New- Skill courses or to receive services (training, using LAB rooms, consulting).
KR 3.2 Products (products or services) in community/region/agency that are certified to generate income or value-added from academic services or creative economies driven by local art, culture and intelligence.
KR 3.3 Revenue from Academic Services
KR 3.4 Business Startup Treated by the University (RMUTT Switching Plan)

Operational Plan

1. The Up Skills/Re-Skills/New Skills course development plan supports learning at all ages and creates a network of participating enterprises. Up skill/Reskill/New skill
2. Academic service-driven plan that creates value to society and the country
3. Creative Economy Development Plan based on art, culture and local intelligence
4. Plan to build academic service networks with state, local, private and international agencies.
5. Plan to Build and Level Entrepreneurs Business Startup


1. Encourage innovation to academic services in an empty way. Income-generating or co-funding.
2. Encourage innovation as a product or service that adds value, value or commercial value.
3. Improve community quality of life with knowledge and innovation.
4. Upgrading production standards with standard test services
5. Promote the preservation of art, culture, local intelligence and, in turn, economic and social added value.

Strategic Issue 4 : Innovative Management

Strategic Obiectives

Management is modern, flexible, fluid, high efficiency, quickly adaptable to change for sustainability

Key Results – KR

KR 4.1 Process Innovation or Management (Process Innovativeness)
KR 4.2 Successful operations according to the personnel development plan
KR 4.3 Acceptance in addition to study management as planned.
KR 4.4 Co-financing in the Innovation Business with the Holding Company Mechanism (RMUTT Switching Plan)
KR 4.5 University evaluation results or rankings from national or international agencies as planned.

Operational Plan

1. Plans, adjustment of organizational processes to support new policies or missions.
2. Data-driven College Development Plan (Data Driven Management)
3. Human Resource Performance Development Plans in line with the University’s strategy and objectives.
4. A regulatory review plan to be consistent with being a state-run university, to support rapid mobility and fundraising for the sustainability of the university.
5. Quality Development Plan to Level University Assessment or Ranking


1. Promote management with innovation and integrated work.
2. Promote innovation for service
3. Promote transparent and administrative administration.
4. Strategic Human Resource Management
5. Collect money to build capacity to sustainably rely on oneself.
6. Management of income-generating assets
7. Promote the use of renewable energy, eliminate waste, reduce enterprise management costs.
8. Development, updating regulations, announcement, modernization, supporting being a university in regulation.
9. Promote the process. University development. Support international assessment.

Organizational Management Structure

Politics and Strategy of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi phase 2 Year of 2023 – 2027 (Thai language) (88.4 MiB, 166 downloads)