Student Societies and Clubs has 5 category is Academic Clubs , Art and Culture Clubs , Social Development and Services Clubs , Sports and Recreation clubs , Professional Development and Spacial Interest. The students able apply to join in the Student Societies exhibition of the year.

1. Tasananarak Club
2. Professional Hotel and Hospitality Club
3. Information Systems Club
4. Financial Club
5. Economics Club
6. Management Club
7. Accounting Club
8. International Business Administration Club
9. Marketing Club
10. International Program Student Club
11. Organic Agriculture Club
12. Robot Engineering Club
13. ME – RIT Student Formula Club

14. English Language Development Club
15. Faculty of Industrial Education Student Union
16. Faculty of Business Administration Student Union
17. Faculty of ArchitectureStudent Union
18. Faculty of Home Economics Technology
19. Faculty of Fine Arts Student Union
20. Faculty of Nursing Student Union
21. Faculty of Science and Technology Student Union
22. Faculty of Liberal Arts Student Union
23. Faculty of Mass Communication Technology Student Union
24. Faculty of Engineering Student Union
25. Faculty of Agricultural Technology Student Union
26. Thai Traditional Medical College Student Union

1. Christian Club
2. Muslim Club
3. Buddhist Club

4. Thai Classical Music Club
5. International Music Club
6. Korean Language and Culture Club

1.Friends for Friends Club
2.Rajamangala Volunteer and Development Club (Chaloem Phrakiet)
3.Military Student Club
4.Environmental Conservation and Social Development Club
5.Organized Club RMUTT

6.RMUTT Volunteer Club
7.Volunteer Teacher Club
8.Green University Club
9.Recreation Club

1.Petanque Club
2.Badminton Club
3.Tennis Club
4.RMUTT Athletics Club
5.Ballroom Dancing Club
6.Volleyball Club

7.Basketball Club
8.Table tennis Club
9.Taekwondo Club
10.RMUTT Fitness Club
11.Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Club
12.Football Club

1.Amateur Radio Club         
2.Speech Art Club                                        
3.Board Games Club