Health Care Center

The nursing room in The Department of Health and Hygiene provides free health and hygiene services by physicians, professional nurses, and health and hygiene staff.

  • Preliminary medical treatment
  • Medicine administration,wound dressing, and silk sutures
  • Health information and news
  • Pharmacy services for students and the general public for use in various activities
  • Ambulance services during emergency situations
  • General medical treatment by a physician
  • Emergency services and accidents
  • Health consulting services
  • Patient rooms

Official Club building Tel. 02-549-5010, 02-549-3026, 02-549-3676

Operating days and hours
Every day from 8:30 am – 16:30 pm during the school term. General medical treatment by a physician is available Monday to Friday from 13.00 – 15.00 pm.

MondayDr. Preecha LertsiwapornDr. Chavalit Chantarat
TuesdayDr. Preecha LertsiwapornDr. Chavalit Chantarat
WednesdayDr. Preecha LertsiwapornDr. Chavalit Chantarat
ThursdayDr. Preecha LertsiwapornDr. Sarawut Thanaseree
FridayDr. Preecha LertsiwapornDr. Sarawut Thanaseree