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Remote Controlled…Earth Drill Machine

Remote Controlled…Earth Drill Machine

Having to dig hole with shovel and to cultivate plants in outdoor area with high intensity of sunlight, strong winds, and heavy rain, many elderlies who love gardening may eventually face health problems; therefore, Panawat Niwarat, a 4th year student of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) had decided to design and develop remote controlled earth drill machine to help shorten their working time.

The basic parts of the drilling machine were small engine, solar panel, auger and drill bit, motor, shaft, sprocket, tire wheel and excavator frame

Simple design method of machine use was implemented. Started by turning on the power and control system and moving the machine to the planting area. Then simply attach drill bit to the drill machine before digging the hole. When hole is dug as needed, lift the drill blade up and the machine can continue moving around for further use.

The prototype radio-controlled excavator was able to dig holes in various sizes; however, for the correct measurements for a planting hole, the width of the hole should be 8 inches wide and the depth should be 12 inches from the ground. To dig each hole, it may take approximately 3 minutes depending on the soil condition while the machine itself could dig 500 holes a day.

Concerning key features of the machine, all machine components were designed to be installed as KD (Knock Down) assemblies which could quickly be assembled and easily transported. The price of the machine costed 30,000 baht per unit. 360 Degree Free Rotation of the machine would be developed further in the future.

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