Historical Attraction

Wat Panya Nantharam

"Wat Panya Nantharam is a famous temple. The outstanding construction is the Buddhakaya Pagoda. The model is reproduced from India and the main highlight is is the three-dimensional puzzle picture. The only one in the world, open for tourists to take pictures, each of which has a hidden meaning, morals, teachings about the Four Noble Truths. Which is open to visitors for free If anyone with a mind of faith can make merit."
opening hours: Every day(08.00am.-04.00pm.)
How to travel from RMUTT
1. Bus No. 1008 Rangsit-Nong Suea
2. Private car
12.8 km. away from university

Ing Nam Khok Market

The charm of this market is seen in the simplicity and friendliness of the villagers. Which still carries the lifestyle along with the canal that is still beautiful in nature Visitors will stroll around the old traditional market. They row boats to sell things for tourists to choose from.
opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, suggesting to come between 10.00am.-02.00pm.
How to travel from RMUTT
1. Private car
2. Taxi about 250 baht
36 km. away from university

Wat Chedi Hoi

"Wat Chedi Hoi, which the pagoda was built around 1995, this pagoda was built from ancient shells buried beneath the ground and thousands of years old that can be found around the temple. In addition, the temple also has a museum that collects many Buddha statues, artifacts, antiques and old appliances to visit."
opening hours: Every day(08.00am.-05.00pm.)
How to travel from RMUTT
1. Private car
2. Taxi about 400 baht
56 km. away from university

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon is regarded as another beautiful temple in Ayutthaya province.  It is said that this Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is featured in a large pagoda that is believed to have been restored in the reign of King Naresuan the Great.
opening hours: Every day(08.00am.-05.00pm.)
How to travel from RMUTT
- Outbound: Take a van from Future Rangsit to Ayutthaya.
you can tell the driver that you will get off at Wat Sam Pluem Chedi (Chedi in the middle of the road) and find a motorcycle or walk.
- Inbound: Walk out the road in front of the temple The opposite side is a taxi (motorbike). Then tell him to go to the van pier at Chao Phrom market, which has 2 places which are in front of the bank and beside the bus side market. Both get off at Future Park Rangsit then take the bus number 538 or van back to university