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‘4 SMART’ concept of 24-hour service RMUTT Innovation University

‘4 SMART’ concept of 24-hour service RMUTT Innovation University

University was not just an institution of providing knowledge and giving out student academic degree, but it must be a place where students could spend their lives for days and nights acquiring life experience and portraying their future career.  To do this, the university must improve their technological skills and tools for better student service particularly during teaching students inside the classroom where knowledge could be provided endlessly.

Bangkokbiznews – At the moment, with an unstoppable change of technology, for any business institutions or education organizations, new innovation must be suitably implemented by crafting advanced strategy for the survival. Regarding to Thailand’s “Higher Education” institutions, these had been places where qualified human capital was produced; however, with a rapid change of the economic and social trend, the institutions were required to adjust themselves and might be at greater risk of lower funding. To say the least, with wide gates open to access and retrieved all kinds of information needed, younger generation may not need to be educated anymore and thus, a degree might not be important for them.

With an implementation of 20-year strategic plan, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) had continuously been developing itself into an innovation university to drive the country’s economy and in the upcoming academic year 2020, the university was planning to transform itself into Smart Digital institution in 3 years with a concept of ‘4Smart’.

  1. The first concept idea of ‘4Smart’ was to digitally empower infrastructure including artificial intelligence, analysis of big data, Blockchain, IOT, etc. Moreover, in order to achieve constructing the Smart Building, implementation of IOT solution, covering all building areas with Wifi and Mobility and ensuring the Data Center international standards with Smart Monitoring and Security were planned.

2.The concept idea was to integrate Smart Learning and Research with Personalized Learning and Lifelong learning concept along with Smart Content development supported by digitized Credit Bank. Taking all facts into account, university was not just a source of knowledge or giving out student academic degree but also a place to develop people in all ages. Besides building a source of knowledge or ‘Smart Library’ with innovation, the university itself was planning to reorganize its data base and dashboard which is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators that could effectively meet the business innovative research needs.

3.The third concept was to help managing information and making decision with Smart Data. In order to successfully achieve supporting Big Data with block chain and digitalization of management such as employee time schedule and student time schedule, with well-equipped efficient system and professional analysts of Big Data, the management would be able to make right decisions.

  1. The last and final concept idea was Smart Service where students and university personnel would have their chances to experience different services from the provided digital platform. The development of Mobile Apps Service Portal was intended to offer all services via smartphone including course enrollment, attendance checking, activity participation, lesson review as well as efficient financial operation to students, personnel, and those who were not affiliated with the university.

Mr. Niti Vitayawiroj, Director of the Office of Academic Resource and Information Technology, RMUTT said that being a university of innovation, the institution must truly be able to utilize the available technology to help digitizing all services that were applicable. Currently, the mentioned plan was already approved by the university council and the management team and set to proceed.

In the academic year 2020, Mobile Apps Service Portal as a crucial tool to move into a cashless society will be offered to university students and personnel with various services, whether to enroll in a course, to check examination schedule, to submit assignments, to evaluate lecturers or to pay tuition fees.

Also to help increases convenience for students, university personnel, regardless of using any services all operation will be offered via mobile phone. The university will be helping coordinate with relevant private sectors including banks transforming RMUTT into Smart Digital University.

With these 4’s SMART concept ideas,   the university would be applying its plan to all faculties and departments to respond to the service necessity of university students and its personnel. So when they all woke up in the morning with mobile in their hands, they would be able to connect to the digital world knowing  what class they have to attend,  and who they would be studying with. Additionally, they could also take special e-learning classes, buy food through digital payment and enjoy the rest of their days with smart life style with the university.

However, with introduction of Innovation technology application to the university’s operating system would not only increase students or its personnel’s service convenience, but RMUTT also planned to upgrade digital skill development in terms of learning and creating new technological innovations that meet the needs of the private sectors and Thailand as a whole.

“Our university must make use of the potential technology to transform the educational enterprise into the digital university for truly digitized service.”

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