Master of Science Program in Data and Information Science

Faculty of Science and Technology


  1. The public and private organizations related to data science joint to design the curriculum in order to meet the real needs of the labor market
  2. The curriculum designed for learners to become data scientists

Duration of Course 4 years

Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

  The student who can apply this course be:
  1. Graduated with a bachelor's degree or equivalent in all disciplines that certified by an accredited educational institution
  2. The person who is not responsible on the bad behavior or has been expelled from the institution of higher education.
  3. Successful completion of the university selection process.

Course Content

Research Methodology for Data Science Collecting, Storing and Retrieving Data
Statistics & Data Analysis Visualizing and Communicating Data
Seminar in Data and Information Science Business Information Systems
Software Project Management Knowledge Management
Laws and Ethics on Information Technology Strategic Logistics and Supply Chain
Special Topic in Business Database Systems
Decision Support Systems Computer Security Systems
Client-Server Systems Operating Systems
Computer System Performance Evaluation Multimedia Technology
Special Topic in Computer Science and  Information Technology Field Experiments
Process Mining Big Data Analytics
Policy and Ethical Considerations for Data Scientists Applied Machine Learning
Optimization Techniques Special Topic in Data and Information Science
Special Project 1 Special Project 2
Thesis Fundamentals of Computer Science
Programming Fundamentals Foundation English for Graduate Study