Bachelor of Science Program in Health and Aesthetics

Thai Traditional Medicine College


    Health and aesthetics program provide tertiary education that offers hands-on opportunities, which is enabling students to develop their invention by using science and technology professionals. Keys of the program focused on educational and hands-on learning experience in a school's clinic. Students may offer services to the public under the supervision of instructors to obtain the qualities and capacity essential skill for future careers. Through the fourth-year bachelor’s in health and aesthetics program, the students will achieve a deep understanding in the field of aesthetic health and spa or related fields and learn how to effectively handle clients or lead their own business. Characteristic of graduate student present the specifically professional in aesthetic health and spa, including in-depth knowledge of the human body along with competency in different massage techniques, interpersonal skills, friendliness, physical strength, nurturing attitude to provide conveying a sense of care for the clients, business acumen and professionalism. The programs will set the students mind on developing them, the students will be found that these attributes are not difficult to cultivate. The Health and aesthetics program are designed to provide students with both generic knowledge and skills, necessary for most potential careers and specific knowledge and skills needed by careers in aesthetic health and spa or related fields. Bachelor’s in health and aesthetics program graduates perform successfully as therapist, trainer, health promotion consultant, business consultant, and entrepreneurs.

Duration of Course 4 years

Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

The applicants must meet all the following criteria:
  • Having positive attitude to aesthetic health and spa profession
  • Having communication skills in Thai or English language
  • Being able to communicate with diverse groups of people to fit the situation and culture
  • Having knowledge in sciences related and being able to integrate with aesthetic health and spa
  • Knowing, understanding and having production skills in health and beauty products

Course Content

The curriculum structure of Health and Aesthetic program (135 Credits)
General Education Courses Specialized education courses
Social Sciences and Humanities 6 Credits Core courses 32 Credits
Languages 12 Credits Compulsory courses 42 Credits
Sciences and Mathematics 6 Credits Elective Courses 18 Credits
Physical Education and Recreation 1 Credit Professional Experience Courses 7 Credits
Integrated subjects 5 Credits Free Elective Courses 6 Credits
Total 30 Credits Total 99 Credits