Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

Faculty of Science and Technology


  1. The IT professional companies joint to design the curriculum in order to meet the real needs of the labor market
  2. There are two interesting branches of subject matter including database systems and computer networks for students to choose from.
  3. Students are able to practice the skill in all professional subjects.
  4. 4-months period for co-operative education program to learn from real work experience.

Duration of Course 4 years

Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

  • Graduated from a senior high school or equivalent in all disciplines that certified by an accredited educational institution
  • The person who is not responsible on the bad behavior or has been expelled from the institution of higher education
  • Successful completion of the university selection process

Course Content

Common Subjects
Computer and Information Technology Skills Social Perspectives and Ethics for IT Professional
Information Technology for Decision Making Information Technology Project 1
Discrete Mathematics Information Technology Project 2
Information Technology Fundamentals Independent Study
Principles of Computer Programming Cloud Technology
Computer Platform Technology Server Administration
Advanced Computer Programming Project Management
Information Technology Infrastructure Management Small and Medium Business Management
Data Structure and Algorithm Android Application Development
Business Information Systems iOS Application Development
Computer Network Information Retrieval
Object-Oriented Programming Blockchain Network and Programming
Information Management Professional Experience Preparation for Information Technology
Web Programming Cooperative Education for Information Technology
Embedded System and Internet of Things International Cooperative Education for Information Technology
Human-Computer Interaction International Experience for Information Technology
Information Technology Assurance On the Job Training for Information Technology
Information Technology Service Management International On the Job Training for Information Technology
Workplace Special Problem
Program 1 : Database Systems
Database Programming Web Design and Development
Database Application Development Software Web Services Technology
Advanced Database Web Application Security
Information System Analysis and Design Big Data Processes
Information Technology for Business Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
Software Development Process Data Analytics Applications
Program 2 : Computer Networking
Network Analysis and Design
Fiber Optic Network Design and Installation
Wireless Network Design and Installation