Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Faculty of Science and Technology


    This Program aims to produce applied chemistry graduates that can apply their knowledge of chemistry to different real-life situations. This program is designed to prepare students for career in Chemistry and Chemistry-related discipline.  

Duration of Course 4 years


Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

The applicants must meet all the following criteria:
    • Non-Thai citizens, hold valid passports, in good health
    • Must have high school diploma and/or transcript of grades
    • Applicants shall have excellent academic performance and/or research potential
    • Applicants may not concurrently hold other programs offered by Thai government or other institution.

Course Content

Chemistry 1 Physical Chemistry 2
Chemistry Laboratory 1 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 2 Spectroscopic Method of Organic Compounds
Chemistry Laboratory 2 Spectrophotometric Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry 1 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry 2 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Organic Chemistry 1 Electrochemical Analysis
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1 Chemical and Safety
Organic Chemistry 2 Separation Techniques
Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2 Chemical Separation Laboratory
Biochemistry Seminar in Chemistry
Biochemistry Laboratory Project in Chemistry 1
Physical Chemistry 1 Project in Chemistry 2