Master of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering


    The RMUTT Master's degree in Chemical Engineering was established in 2010 and is open to undergraduate students who graduate in areas related to chemical engineering. Throughout the period, all faculty have dedicated their work to overcome various limitations. Of knowledge development by disseminating a large amount of research in the past, graduate graduates were able to upgrade themselves to higher levels in the chemical and education industry. Today, the RMUTT Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering has entered the 10th year of continuous development of knowledge and research in chemical engineering. We, therefore, invite those interested in developing their knowledge and qualifications to a higher level than a bachelor's degree. Let fulfill your potential for a better future.

Duration of Course 2 years

Language of Instruction: Thai/Eng

Entry requirements:

  • Hold a Bachelor degree in a related field of study
  • Submit an official transcript indicating all undergraduate courses
  • Be in satisfactory physical and mental health
  • Submit letter (s) of recommendation on work experience (if any)

Course Content

Total of Credit    36 Credits

Program Structure

Required Courses                                12 Credits
Advanced Research Methodology in Chemical Engineering
Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Design
Advanced Transport Phenomena
Elective courses                                                      12 Credits
Group of core chemical engineering
Group of mathematic and process control
Group of reaction engineering
Group of energy and chemical petroleum
Group of chemical biology and environment
Group of special issue of chemical engineering
Thesis 12 Credits