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Faculty of Mass Communication Technology

In 1990, the Department of Photography Technology and Printing was established in the Faculty of Engineering and Agricultural Technology at Rajamangala Institute of Technology (RIT). The Department expanded in 1991 to include Photography and Cinematography Technology, and Printing Technology,

On 4 December 2000, the Department of Photography and Printing Technology was upgraded to become the Faculty of Mass Communication, at the same time as the transformation from RIT to the RMUTS, to conform with the Rajamangala University of Technology Act B.E. 2548 (2005).

In 2009, there was a restructuring of the faculty, which resulted in the faculty having two departments and five programs of study. Later, in 2011, the Faculty launched a Master of Science program in Mass Communication Technology,

In 2014, the Faculty offered international PhD programs in Color Science and Human Vision

The Faculty of Mass Communication Technology aims to develop quality graduates in media production, congruent with the strategic plan for the country’s development, which involves producing professional graduates in mass media production. Additionally, the faculty directly implements the university’s hands-on policy, which takes into account practice and learning collaboratively in order to achieve the goal set.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

• Photography and Cinematography Technology
• Printing Technology
• Television and Radio Broadcasting Technology
• Multimedia Technology
• Advertising and Public Relations Technology
• Digital media Technology

Postgraduate Programs

• M.Sc. (Mass Communication Technology)
• Rh (Galer Science and Human Vision)

Careers after graduation

Upon graduation, graduates may pursue careers as a professional photographer, editor, director, digital content controller, media designer, packaging designer, color system manager, news anchor, advertiser, publicist, marketer, disc jockey (DJ), production director, digital systems and media manager, digital media production manager, as a publishing and digital media manager, or careers in a publications department.


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