Master of Engineering (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering)

(M. Eng. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering) Faculty of Engineering


    The department of industrial engineering aims to produce graduates with knowledge and skills in production technology and engineering management techniques. Graduates can have careers in both manufacturing and service industries that focus on the design, develop and manage the manufacturing processes, including quality control and assurance, engineering management, planning, controlling, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, machines and equipment, energy, materials, and processes to increase working efficiency and productivity improvement.  The engineering candidates from this department are mainly trained and educated about the advanced technology relevant to manufacturing processes and engineering management techniques. They are capable of the process to design, develop and manage the manufacturing processes, including productivity, quality control and assurance, and engineering management.
    Master of engineering program in industrial and manufacturing engineering, major of industrial engineering include, but not limit to, research methodology in engineering, seminar in industrial and manufacturing engineering, principle of industrial and manufacturing engineering, production and operation management, logistics and supply chain management, design of experiments, advanced manufacturing system.
    For major of manufacturing engineering include, but not limit to, advanced engineering metallurgy, advanced metal forming technology, welding metallurgy, finite elements modeling for stress analysis, design of experimental for materials technology, advanced materials machining processes, metal removal theory, CAD for engineering product design, advanced machine tools, tribology in metalworking, advance composite materials manufacturing and applications, special topic in manufacturing engineering and the master thesis.

Duration of Course 2 years

Language of Instruction: Thai or English

Entry requirements:

  • Obtained a Bachelor’s degree of engineering or other relate fields with CGPA of at least 3.00 out of 4.00
  • Statement of purpose and letters of recommendation are also required.
  • Exemption from above criteria may be considered on case by case by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Course Content

Program Structure

Plan A ; Total of Credit 40 Credit

Year 1, First Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-601 Research Methodology in Engineering * 3
04-411-701 Thesis (Plan A) 6
Total Credit 9
Year 1 / Second Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-602 Seminar in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering * Non-credit
04-411-701 Thesis (Plan A) 9
Total Credit 9
Year 2 / First Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-701 Thesis (Plan A) 9
Total Credit 9
Year 2 / Second Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-701 Thesis (Plan A) 12
Total Credit 12

Plan B ; Total of Credit 36 Credit

Year 1/ First Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-601 Research Methodology in Engineering * 3
04-xxx-xxx Major Required Course 1 (Select from list) ** 3
04-xxx-xxx Major Required Course 2 (Select from list) ** 3
04-411-606 Principle of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering * Non-credit
Total Credit 9
Year 1/ Second Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-602 Seminar in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering * Non-credit
04-xxx-xxx Major Required Course 3 (Select from list) ** 3
04-xxx-xxx Elective Course 1 (Select from list) *** 3
04-xxx-xxx Elective Course 2 (Select from list) *** 3
Total Credit 9
Year 2 / First Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-xxx-xxx Elective Course 3 (Select from list) *** 3
04-xxx-xxx Elective Course 4 (Select from list) *** 3
04-411-702 Thesis (Plan B) 6
Total Credit 12
Year 2 / Second Semester
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-411-702 Thesis (Plan B) 6
Total Credit 6

Course description

Core course are as the following subjects *
04-411-601 Research Methodology in Engineering
  Research topic selection, feasibility and limitation of a research work, objective and outline of a research work, literature review, assumption and experimental design, data examination and analyze using a high quality instrument, references, thesis format and performance, introduction to a good presentation
04-411-602 Seminar in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  Presentation and discussion on currently interesting topics in industrial and manufacturing engineering
04-411-606 Principle of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  Statistics and application in engineering, motion and time analysis, and manufacturing processes.
Major Required Course select from the following subjects **
Major of industrial engineering
04-411-603 Production and Operation Management
  Responsibilities of production and operation manager in the enterprise for providing product or service to meet the quality, price, quantity and specification needs of the market  study of functions of production and operation manager  quantitative approach to decision making in production and operation management
04-411-604 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  Concept and definition of logistics and supply chain, components, roles and importance of logistics and supply chain related to industrial management, logistics and supply chain management considering from material sourcing, inventory management, warehouse management, transportation, and performance measurement in logistics and supply chain    
04-411-605 Design of Experiments
  Applications of experimental design to engineering problem with emphasis on the methods of experimental set up, data collection, and data analysis
  Major of manufacturing engineering
04-412-601 Advanced Manufacturing System
  Fundamentals of manufacturing processes, automation production systems, material handling systems, quality control in manufacturing process, modern manufacturing systems, manufacturing support systems and computer intergrated manufacturing, machine tool design.
04-412-602 Advanced Engineering Metallurgy
  Principle of plastic deformation theory,  nucleation and growth kinetic,  diffusion in solid solution, heat treatment of metal, microstructure and analytical method, effect of metallurgical parameter on machinability, case study of research and development in metallurgical field.
04-412-603 Advanced Metal Forming Technology
  Study about the advanced processing of materials and advanced surface engineering, green and sustainable manufacturing. Study in details of micro-molding of plastic part, plastic for pharmacy and medical processing, composite forming technologies, metal injection molding, advance tribology, advanced bulk metal forming, advanced sheet metal forming, superplastic metal forming, tools and CNC system for metal forming and advanced simulation in metal forming.
Elective Course select from the following subjects ***
Major of industrial engineering
04-411-607 Factory Management and Productivity Improvement
  Factory and production management, productivity improvement and application of lean thinking, lean manufacturing, Toyota Production System and key performance indecators measured factory capabilities.  
04-411-608 Quality Management
  Quality management concepts and their integration into a comprehensive quality management system including statistical techniques, quality function deployment, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, quality audits, quality cost, quality loss function and quality information system
04-411-609 Entrepreneurship Creation
  Business fundamentals, patents, market, technical forecasting, legal and tax aspects, accounting principles, financial statements, sources of funds, financial decision making, practical work in developing a complete business plan for a company to develop, manufacture and distribute technical product and service
04-411-610 Engineering Project Management
  Engineering project planning, network systems and management, pricing, estimating and cost control, proposal preparation, project information system, risk management, conflict management and performance measurement at the organizational, functional, and individual levels
04-411-611 Economic Decision Analysis
  Engineering economic analysis including project investment evaluation; capital decision analysis for engineering; decision with risk and uncertainty; computer application for solving problems
04-411-612 Integrated Product and Process Design
  Integration of various product realization activities covering important aspects of a product life cycle such as customer needs analysis, concept generation, concept selection, product modeling, process development and end-of-product life options
04-411-613 Industrial System Simulation
  Simulation modeling of manufacturing and service operations through the use of computer software for operational analysis and decision making
04-411-614 Work Design
  Design of workstations and tasks topics include micro-motion study, operational analysis, manual materials handling, macro-ergonomics, anthropometrics, biomechanics, cumulative trauma disorders (CTS) and hand-tool design
04-411-615 Safety Health Energy and Environmental Management
  Principles of safety engineering applied to industries, strategic processes and partnership required for the management of sustainable energy infrastructures and innovation in energy systems, health hazards and ergonomics hazards, industrial air pollution, control of heat transfer, noise pollution and chemical hazards, industrial safety, rules and control standards
04-411-616 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering
  Current interesting topics or new developments in various fields of industrial engineering
  Major of manufacturing engineering
04-412-604 Welding Metallurgy
  Principle of heat in welding, chemical reaction in welding, weld metal formation concept, microstructure of weld metal and application, case study of special metal weld joint development.
04-412-605 Finite Elements Modeling for Stress Analysis
  Principle of finite element concepts, Simulation of upsetting, drawing, extrusion, forging, blanking and fine blanking and deep drawing Simulation.
04-412-606 Design of Experimental for Materials Technology
  Simple comparative experiments, experiments with a single factor, randomized blocks, factorial designs, Taguchi method, and application of design of experiment in research
04-412-607 Advanced Materials Machining Processes
  Non-traditional machining processes for remove excess material removal by various techniques involving mechanical, chemical, electrochemical, thermal and combinations of these energies, principle of material removal, components of machine, parameters in machining, calculation of material removing rate, work piece surface evaluation
04-412-608 Metal Removal Theory
  Introduction to chip formation, cutting tool geometries, mechanics of metal cutting, analysis and thermal aspects of metal cutting, wear and tool life, machinability of metals, research in special metal removal process  
04-412-609 CAD for Engineering Product Design
  Object modeling methods, meshing and necessary preparations for CAE analysis file system management for CAD and CAE, mechanical analysis and simulation using CAE, comparisons between CAE simulation results and those using conventional methods
04-412-610 Advanced Machine Tools
  Machines in manufacturing such as machine that produces and un-produce the scrap, shearing machine, cutting machine that produce geometrical and ungeometrical cutting shape, operating principles of structure parts of various machines such as pressing machine, lathe machine, milling machine, EDM and automatic production systems
04-412-611 Tribology in Metalworking
  Tribology in metalworking, friction in metalworking, metalworking lubrications, wear in metalworking, surface interactions, techniques of analysis and measurement, material removal
04-412-612 Advanced Composite materials Manufacturing and Application
  Study about the general and advance composite materials. The application of advance composite materials for automotive, railway and aerospace industries. Manufacturing and application of advanced composite materials and green composites.
04-412-613 Special Topics in Manufacturing Engineering                                                
  Study of currently interesting topics and up-to-date technology in manufacturing engineering
04-411-701 Thesis (Plan A)  
  Research work under the supervision of an advisor  with emphasis on originality and aim toward new and useful results in engineering fields,  the research to be publicized in the international journal/transaction, preparation of thesis in a proper form, oral examination and writing up a complete thesis    
04-411-702 Thesis (Plan B)  
  Research in an interesting topic in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering under the supervision of a faculty member, preparation of thesis, presentation at a public seminar, oral examination by the committee and writing up a complete thesis