Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

Faculty of Engineering


    This curriculum has provided the learning with both theory and practical work to be electronics and telecommunication hand-on engineering. Our curriculum consists of two majors of studying in this course; electronic engineering and telecommunication engineering.
    For the first and second year of two majors will take the same basic engineering course as the requirement of this curriculum to aim giving students grounding in the underlying principles of electronic and telecommunication engineering before allowing specialization in an area of interest later. The program will emphasize on the fundamental of electronic and telecommunication engineering with incorporating between principles and practical experiences in the work shop. The electronic design software simulating results will be compared with hand-on experiments in the laboratory. For the example, electric circuit, electronic engineering, digital circuit design, principle of communication engineering and microcontrollers are main subjects including to study.
    The third and fourth years of studying, the students will specialize on their major fields. The electronic engineering will specialize on electronic circuit design, sensor and transducers, programmable logic control (PLC), power electronic design, electrical machine and drives, embedded system design, digital signal processing, digital image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial robot control. The telecommunication engineering will concentrate on digital communication, mobile communication, satellite communications, optical communication, internet of things(IOT), antenna design, microwave engineering, communication networking and network management, broadband global internet network.
    Not only learning the theory and practical work at the university, final year student will be also involved in their thesis with design and build electronic and telecommunication engineering project within groups. Moreover, the most important to make sure that the student who graduated from this course have to be hand-on engineering, the student have to do on one semester cooperation  in electronic and telecommunication company or manufactory.

Duration of Course 4 years

Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

  1. Applicants are required to fulfill the university prerequisite according to their scholarship categories (1-4).
  2. Applicants are graduated in science and math courses in the senior high school or vocational certificate in industrial technical fields.
  3. Senior high school transcript/ vocational certificate
  4. English test score following university requirement
  5. CV or resume, portfolios

Course Content

Total of Credit 146 Credits

Program Structure

1. General education 30 Credits
General education 30 Credits
2. Specific courses 110 Credits
2.1  Basic engineering course 55  Credits

2.1.1  Mathematics and science for engineering

20  Credits

2.1.2  Basic engineering core course

24  Credits

2.1.3  Basic engineering skills

11  Credits
2.2  Required technical 34  Credits

2.2.1  Technical Core Course

30  Credits

2.2.2  Integrated technical

4  Credits
2.3  Technical Electives 14  Credits
2.4  Professional Experience     7  Credits
3. Free Electives Courses 6 Credits
**  Free electives subjects are chose to study from the courses offered at the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi which is not the same as the courses already studied and must not be the subjects assigned to study without credits


Year 1

Year 1 / Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Credit
00-100-101 RMUTT Identity 2
01-110-xxx Social sciences 3
01-210-xxx Humanities 3
09-410-141 Physics for Engineers 1 3
09-410-142 Physics Laboratory for Engineers 1
04-411-102 Engineering Drawing 3
04-720-201 Engineering Materials 3
09-111-141 Calculus for Engineers 1 3
Total Credit 21
Year 1 / Semester 2
Subject Code Subject Credit
01-320-001 English for Communication 1 3
01-610-xxx Physical Education and Recreation 1
04-313-101 Engineering Mechanics 3
04-411-101 Basic Engineering Training 3
04-621-101 Computer Programming 3
09-111-142 Calculus for Engineers 2 3
04-711-101 Chemistry for Engineers 3
Total Credit 19
Year 1 / Summer
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-000-101 Engineering Workshop 2
Total Credit 2

Year 2

Year 2 / Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Credit
00-100-201 Green University 1
00-100-202 Design Thinking 1
01-320-002 English for Communication 2 3
04-000-202 Applied Calculus for Engineering 3
09-410-143 Physics for Engineers 2 3
09-410-144 Physics Laboratory for Engineers 2 1
04-610-201 Electric Circuits 3
04-610-202 Engineering Electronic 3
04-610-203 Signal and Systems 3
Total Credit 21
Year 2 / Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-000-201 English for Engineering 3
04-610-207 Principle of Communication Systems 3
04-610-205 Digital Circuits and Systems Design 3
04-610-302 Feedback Control Systems 3
04-610-206 Electromagnetic Fields 3
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 1
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 2
Total Credit 18

Year 3

Year 3 / Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Credit
00-100-301 Entrepreneurship 1
04-610-306 Communication Networks and Transmission Lines 3
04-610-307 Microcontrollers System Design 3
04-000-301 Preparation for Professional Experience 1
04-610-301 Electrical Instrumentations and Measurements 3
04-610-309 Digital Communications 3
04-610-305 Data Communications and Networking 3
09-000-xxx Information Technology 3
Total Credit 20
Year 3 / Semester 2
Subject Code Subject Credit
01-3xx-xxx Language 3
04-610-303 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Pre-Project 1
04-610-308 Electrical Machines and Drives 3
04-610-310 Optical Communications 3
04-610-311 Antenna Engineering 3
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 3
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 3
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 1
Total Credit 20

Year 3

Year 4 / Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-000-401 or 04-000-403 Cooperative Education or International Cooperative Education 6 6
Total Credit 6
Year 4 / Semester 2
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-610-401 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Project 3
04-610-402 Microwave Engineering 3
09-xxx-xxx Science Mathematic and Innovation 3
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 3
04-61x-xxx Major Technical Elective 1
xx-xxx-xxx Free Elective 3
xx-xxx-xxx Free Elective 3
Total Credit 19