Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology Management

Faculty of Science and Technology


To produce and train food scientists to become entrepreneurs by using these three following strategies

1) 3+1: Three years of enrolling in course works and one-year training in the food industry via co-operative education and a course of skill development in the food industry

2) Food-noperneurs: Developing entrepreneurial skills for the food industry via innovative classes and experience sharing from food company professionals.

3) Broaden horizons: Providing opportunities to student to have experiences in abroad through co-operative education and/or student exchanges

Duration of Course 4 years

Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

  • Complete high school level or any other equivalent qualification as accredited by the respective country's Ministry of Education or other assigned government agencies.
  • Complete at least 12 credits in Mathematic courses and 22 credits in Science courses or equivalence.
  • 6-semester GPA is higher than 3.0
  • Can communicate in Thai

Course Content

Total of Credit 130 Credits

Program Structure

General Education 30 Credits
Professional requirement 94 Credits
Foundation courses 29 Credits
Compulsory courses 31 Credits
Elective courses 24 Credits
Internship 10 Credits
General elective 6 Credits


Foundation courses 29 credits
09-111-151 Calculus 1 3(3-0-6)
09-212-102 Organic Chemistry 1 3(3-0-6)
09-212-103 Organic Chemistry Laboratory  1 1(0-3-1)
09-213-304 Biochemistry 3(3-0-6)
09-311-148 Principles of Biology 3(3-0-6)
09-311-149 Principles of Biology Laboratory 1(0-3-1)
09-410-155 Introductory Physics 3(3-0-6)
09-410-156 Introductory Physics Laboratory 1(0-3-1)
09-312-263 General Microbiology 3(3-0-6)
09-312-264 General Microbiology Laboratory 1(0-3-1)
09-511-101 Fundamental Chemistry 3(3-0-6)
09-511-102 Fundamental Chemistry Laboratory 1(0-3-1)
09-511-201 Statistics and Experimental Design 3(2-3-5)
Compulsory courses 31 credits
09-512-101 Food Industry 1(0-3-1)
09-512-201 Economy for Food Industry 3(3-0-6)
09-512-202 Food Chemistry and Analysis 3(2-3-5)
09-512-203 Basic Concept of Food Industrial Microbiology 3(2-3-5)
09-512-204 Processing Technology for Food Industry 3(2-3-5)
09-512-205 Food Engineering 3(2-3-5)
09-512-206 Concepts of Food Industry Entrepreneurships 1(1-0-3)
09-512-301 Innovative Design in Food Industry 2(2-0-6)
09-512-302 Business Management Innovation for Small and Medium Food Industry 3(2-2-5)
09-512-303 Marketing and Branding Development of Products in Food Industry 3(2-2-5)
09-512-401 Project in Food Science and Food Technology Management 3(0-9-3)
09-512-402 Skill Development in Food Industry 3(0-9-3)
Elective courses: 24 credits
Students are required to select at least two modules from the following modules.
Module A Development of innovation for future food products 12 credits
09-513-201 Healthy Foods for Future 3(2-3-5)
09-513-301 Processing Technology for Future Foods 3(2-3-5)
09-513-302 Food Packaging and Design for Future Foods 3(3-2-5)
09-513-303 Development of Innovative Future Foods 3(2-3-5)
Module B Food safety and quality assurance 12 credits
09-514-201 Food Laws and Regulations 3(2-3-5)
09-514-301 Safety in Food Industry Systems 3(3-2-5)
09-514-302 Food Quality Control 3(2-3-5)
09-514-303 Principle of Food Quality Assurance 3(2-3-5)
 Module C Automation and artificial intelligent for food industry 12 credits
09-515-201 Artificial Intelligence in Food Industry 3(2-3-5)
09-515-301 Programming of Artificial Intelligence for Food Industry 3(2-3-5)
09-515-302 Design of Automation for Food Machinery 3(2-3-5)
09-515-303 Maintenance Plans for Food Machinery 3(2-3-5)
 Module D Management and entrepreneurs in food industry
09-516-201 Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Food Industry 3(2-2-5)
09-516-301 Manpower Management in Food Industry 3(2-2-5)
09-516-302 Management of Information Systems 3(2-2-5)
09-516-303 Business and Innovation Management Research in Food Industry 3(2-2-5)
Internship (10 credits)
Students are required to enroll in these following courses and select one of 6-credits cooperative education courses.
09-517-301 Preparation for Professional Experience in Food Science and Food Technology Management 1(0-2-1)
09-517-404 Practicum in Food Science and Food Technology Management 3(0-6-3)
09-517-401 Cooperative Education in Food Science and Food Technology Management of Food Product Development 6(0-40-0)


09-517-402 International Cooperative Education in Food Science and Food Technology Management 6(0-40-0)