Cafe' and Restaurants

Shabu-Bootueng klong 6

shabu and grill. Unlimited time. There are 3 soups to choose from. Tom yum soup, black soup or clear soup. There are high quality raw materials, including kurobuta pork, beef, shrimp, scallops, cheese dip and dipping sauce. All of this low price that everyone can afford.
Buffet set 1 : 189 ฿ per person
Buffet set 2 : 239 ฿ per person
as the shop's slogan "Delicious shabu that everyone tells"
Opening hours: Every day (11.00am.-09.00pm.)
1 km. away from university


Outdoor is a food zone with many noodles soup to choose from.
Indoor zone is full of various drinks, paired with brownies or honey toast.
Opening hours: Every day (10.00am.-07.00pm.)
1.3 km. away from university

Tony Steak & Café

  A popular steakhouse with a delicious taste and a steak that is served in a big dish, big size, inexpensive, suitable for students.
The restaurant has a variety of menus such as fried pork rice, curry rice, curry rice, spaghetti, salad.  
Opening hours: Every day (10.00am.-07.00pm.)
1.2 km. away from university


  Come to sit and chill. Atcafe24hrs, located at Gate 4, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Those who like to sit and sip coffee,  have to come to have a counter bar or group, choose to sit as you like. There is WIFI with free power plug. No extra charge  
Opening hours: Every day (07.00am.-12.00pm.)
300 km. away from university