Bachelor of Engineering in Industry Agricultural Engineering (B.Eng.)

Faculty of Engineering


    The highlight of the Bachelor of Engineering Program in Industry Agricultural Engineering (Curriculum Improvement 2020) is the integration of agricultural engineering sciences with general agricultural industry institutions from input process, middle process, and output process. Focusing on the development of the design process for mechanical parts, installation, production control Is a course created to support the agricultural policy 4.0 of the government that focuses on the production of personnel with knowledge about information Mechanical part design, IOT equipment and remote communication technology To be used in the development of applications in agriculture and agro-industry To reduce labor And production costs Including increasing agricultural productivity per area to help farmers Have more income. In addition, the curriculum is set to require at least 1 semester of professional learning to increase professional skills. Enhance experience and know how to solve problems in real working conditions. Finally, this program focuses on producing graduates, practitioners with expertise in design. Install mechanical parts Production control in general agricultural industry establishments and the design of modern intelligent agriculture innovations in both standard houses (On land and floating on water) and in large agricultural plots.

Duration of Course 4 years

Language of Instruction: Thai

Entry requirements:

  • high school/vocational college
  • CV or resume and a Portfolio for undergraduate applicants
  • Vocational experiences in the related fields (required certification)
  • Obtained High school transcript or vocational college with CGPA of at least 00 out of 4.00.
  • Exemption from above criteria may be considered on case by case by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Required Knowledge
    • Mathematics      B
    • Science              B

Course Content

Total of Credit 147 Credit

Program Structure

1.General education 30 Units
General education 30 Units
2. Specific courses 111 Units
2.1  Basic engineering course          55  Credits
2.1.1  Mathematics and science for engineering 21  Units
2.1.2   Basic engineering 34  Units
Basic engineering core course 24  Units
Basic engineering skills 10  Units
2.2  Required technical in Industry Agricultural Engineering (IAE)  56  Credits
2.2.1  Technical in  Industry Agricultural Engineering (IAE) 31  Units

Core technical

27  Units

Integrated technical

4  Units
2.2.2  Technical Electives in Industry Agricultural Engineering (IAE) 18  Units
2.2.3  Professional Experience in Industry Agricultural Engineering 7  Units
3. Free electives 6 Units
Free electives 6 Units


Subject Code Subject Credit
01-320-001 English for Communication 1 3(2-2-5)
01-610-xxx Physical Education 1(0-2-1)
04-411-101 Basic Engineering Training 3(1-6-4)
04-621-101 Computer Programming 3(2-3-5)
04-711-101 Chemistry for Engineers 3(3-0-6)
09-111-141 Calculus for Engineers 1 3(3-0-6)
09-410-141 Physics for Engineers 1 3(3-0-6)
09-410-142 Physics Laboratory for Engineers 1 1(0-3-1)
  Credits 20
Subject Code Subject Credit
00-100-101 RMUTT Identity 2(0-4-2)
01-110-xxx Social Science 3(3-x-x)
01-210-xxx Humanities 3(3-x-x)
04-313-101 Engineering Mechanics 3(3-0-6)
04-411-102 Engineering Drawing 3(2-3-5)
04-720-201 Engineering Materials 3(3-0-6)
09-111-142 Calculus for Engineers 2 3(3-0-6)
  Credits 20
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-000-101 Engineering Workshop 2(0-6-2)
  Credits 2
Subject Code Subject Credit
01-320-002 English for Communication 2 3(2-2-5)
04-000-202 Applied Calculus for Engineering 3(3-0-6)
04-411-203 Manufacturing Processes 3(3-0-6)
04-711-102 Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers 1(0-3-1)
04-811-201 Computer Aided Design for Agricultural  Engineering 1 3(2-3-5)
04-812-204 Principles of Thermodynamics 3(3-0-6)
09-111-xxx Science Mathematics and Innovation 3(3-x-x)
04-81x-xxx Elective Course 3(3-x-x)
  Credits 22
Subject Code Subject Credit
00-100-201 Green University 1(0-2-1)
00-100-202 Design Thinking 1(0-2-1)
04-000-201 English for Engineering 3(2-2-5)
04-311-202 Mechanics of Materials 3(3-0-6)
04-812-205 Principles of Fluid Mechanics 3(3-0-6)
04-812-305 Heat Transfer for Agricultural Engineering 3(3-0-6)
09-410-143 Physics for Engineers 2 3(3-0-6)
09-410-144 Physics Laboratory for Engineers 2 1(0-3-1)
04-81x-xxx Elective Course 3(3-x-x)
  Credits 21
Subject Code Subject Credit
00-100-301 Entrepreneurship 1(0-2-1)
04-812-311 Agricultural Machinery Engineering for Smart Farm 3(2-3-5)
04-812-313 Agricultural Process Engineering 3(3-0-6)
04-812-303 Machine Design for Agricultural Engineering 3(3-0-6)
09-000-xxx Information Technology 3(2-2-5)
04-81x-xxx Elective Course 3(3-x-x)
xx-xxx-xxx Free Elective Couse 3(x-x-x)
  Credits 19
Subject Credit
Preparation for Professional Experience 1(0-2-1)
Mechanics of Machinery for Agricultural Engineering 3(3-0-6)
Laboratory for Agricultural Engineering 1 1(0-3-1)
Computer Aided Design for Agricultural Engineering 2 3(3-0-6)
Preparation for Agricultural Engineering Project 1(1-0-2)
Fluid Power Control for Agricultural Engineering 3(3-0-6)
Elective Couse 3(3-x-x)
Elective Couse 3(3-x-x)
Free Elective Couse 3(x-x-x)
Credits 21
Subject Code Subject Credit
04-000-401 Cooperative Education 6(0-40-0)
04-000-403 International Cooperative Education 6(0-40-0)
  Credits 6
Subject Credit
linguistics 3(x-x-x)
Laboratory for Agricultural Engineering 2 1(0-3-1)
Mechanical Vibration for Agricultural Engineering 3(3-0-6)
Agricultural Engineering Project 3(1-6-4)
Agricultural Building Structural Design 3(3-0-6)
Elective Courses 3(1-6-4)
Credits 16