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The IC3 Digital Literacy certification is a credential that is designed to validate user’s digital literacy with a focus on succeeding in any environment that requires the use of computer software, hardware, devices, or the Internet. IC3 created by Certiport (USA) has multiple standards and levels including Global Digital Literacy Council International (GDLC), American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE credit) and The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

With over 14,000 centers in 135 countries, the IC3 Digital Literacy certification has become the preferred solution for measuring and validating digital literacy skills of students and employees all around the world, making IC3 Digital Literacy a truly global standard


VALUE TO ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS: To make the institution’s a global standard and to enhance standards related to learning and teaching with up-to-date technology which makes the work more efficient.

VALUE TO INSTRUCTORS: To gain access to up-to-date technology to help reduce teacher workload, increase efficiencies, engage students, and provide tools to support excellent teaching and raise.

VALUE TO STUDENTS AND COLLEGE STUDENTS: To gain access to ever-changing technology, to improve and to practice fundamental computing knowledge, skills, and abilities meeting global skill standards and efficacy.

Validation of employees that employees are proficient at important skills and technologies

VALUE TO AGENCIES AND ORGANIZATIONS: to help develop computer knowledge and skills, to reduce employee’s work-load and to increase their productivity.

IC3 Exam Results 2015 – 2020
Percentage of Students passing a Cert IC3 exam increase 
Grading comparisons in accordance to Announcement for Computer and ICT literacy course exemption, students with Grade A:
Semester 1/2020 = 128 students
Semester 2/2020 = 862 students
Waiting for credit transfer in Semester 1/2021
Waiting for Grading (A) = 1,091 students

In Year 2013-2015, the minimum passing score is 500.
In Year 2016-2018, the minimum passing score of IC3 is 700.  (Maximum score of 1,000)

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