Asst. Prof. Tongluck Boontham, Ph.D.
Deputy Principal of Innovation Demonstration School of RMUTT

                 From the COVID-19 situation, people throughout the world are aware of the changes that may affect the behaviour of human life. Fighting to the current situation, need new knowledge and skills.

                "HCS" stands for Home, Community and society, and School. It is a concept of educational management in the past as a collaboration from three learning sources. It can also be used in current and future situations. Because of the flexibility in learning from these sources, everyone can acquire education equally. Arrangement of the learning environment is considered as an essential element in education which is efficient and effective to the learners both positively and negatively. A proper environment is conducive to learners, which leads to learning and self-development in all areas.

               The pandemic of COVID-19, people have to do social distancing. When the environment is not conducive to learning, homes and residences become the primary learning environment.

In the concept of HCS, "H – Home" will play the role. The parents could support the organising of the physical environment, that will encourage the development of psychological and social learning skills. For example, organising the study area to support the objectives of the study, such as without noise, appropriate lighting, the proper size of the table and chairs, pleasant atmosphere, safe, facilities for learning, etc.

                     "C - Community and Society" able to support the physical environment as infrastructure that is conducive to learning such as electricity, equipment, technology, high-speed internet, electronic teaching materials, electronic books, suitable for ages and level of students etc.

"S - School"  will facilitate learner's learning in the development of mental and social skills, consisting of interpersonal interaction through technology by creating good relationships between teachers and learners. For young students, teachers and parents can influence children's development in all aspects. The relationship between teachers and parents must be positive.

                   The personality and behaviour of teachers and students will be express through technology, therefore, friendliness, cheerful, caring, kindness and good intentions. Tone, facial expressions and gestures must not show violence and strictness. The relationships between children among themselves cause the learners not to feel alone, resulting in self-acceptance and acceptance from others.

                  Schools must encourage learners to participate in the discipline, responsibility, and management of online classrooms. Students have an excellent attitude towards their online classes. Such as attendance on time, finish the task on time, dressing appropriately, arrange the situation by the content, etc.

                 Schools must encourage teachers to organise integrated activities in which students must practice skills, thinking processes, face situations, and apply knowledge to prevent and resolve to learn from real experience as learning management. By combining knowledge in various fields. Also, the school must promote guidelines for individualised learning management plans. According to the aptitude and the differences between people of the learners.

                Therefore, the word "HCS" as a source of learning in the present and future, normal or not normal situation, "HCS" also supports the continuing education for the learners, allowing lifelong learning to be able to stand in the unusual situation.

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