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THE ART of Innovation RMUTT’s three-dimensional paintings of the Four Noble Truths

“World’s first Augmented Reality (AR) Innovation Art of mystical Dharmma three-dimensional mural paintings incorporated with light, sound, and motion” belonging to Associate Professor Somporn Turee, Dean of Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanaburi (RMUTT) are exhibited in 3D International Buddhist Art Center, located in The Replica Buddhagaya Chedi, Wat Punya Nuntharam Temple, Pathum Thani province.

Associate Professor Somporn revealed, “With words of Buddha wisdom from the Abbot, Panya Nantha Munee, inspired by Buddha’s Four Noble Truth, these 26 remarkable mystical Dharmma mural are reflected in canvases exhibited in 3D International Buddhist Art Center. A large number of visitors are attracted to appreciate the beauty of creation. To further grow interest in Buddha teachings, I also developed other 34 of 3D mural paintings integrating Augmented Reality technology with embedded systems as well as providing more information about artworks with QR code. In addition, these mural paintings not only depict contents but also aesthetic and artistic expressions that can invoke the faith. It is one way of teaching Buddhism.

The contents of these 3D Dharma mystical mural paintings involve the Lord Buddha’s life including his birth, his enlightenment, his first teaching and his nirvana. Additionally, the story of Ashoka who promoted the spread of Buddhism through Buddha teachings across ancient Asia including India and establishing monuments marking several significant sites and symbols in the life of Gautama Buddha.


Buddha’s ideas, his ways of living, and his teachings embedded in different cultures including the likes of China, Myanmar, Lao, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia, Thailand’s Pathum Thani province has been expressed into these paintings in order to show Buddhist’s common beliefs, faith, and their good actions enabling to continue Buddha legacy with these cultures.

For those who install AR_Watpanya (only for Android) will be able to record and enjoy motion picture and photos through innovative light, color, and sound art.  Among the highlights is the painting of the Lord Buddha with his radiate halo around his body conquering the Mara, King of Demons who is casting lighting storms. To appreciate this incredible 3D painting exhibition, please visit 3D International Buddhist Art Center, located in The Replica Buddhagaya Chedi, Wat Punya Nuntharam Temple, Pathum Thani province.

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