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RMUTT opens its own very first ‘Medical Center

to offer students clinical training program in serving a community health

Asst. Dr. Sommai Piv Sa-Art, President of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) revealed his views on the importance of raising health awareness, “We often talk about how importance health is in our lives in order to achieve any goals health is always part of the success. We as a university have been committed to improve people’s lives and education and yet, we have continuously improved ourselves not just serving academic purposes but also to the community. With comprehensive and consistent assessment on readiness to set up our very first ‘Medical Center’, we have positioned the place to foster a spirit of collaboration that provides a unique learning opportunity for students as well as offering them to train alongside health-care professionals to keep our students, teachers and communities healthy. In addition, our well-trained students will be provided with one of the finest learning and teaching environments and be ready for their future careers.

“In the future, the University plans to use the latest cutting-edge technology and provide patients with the highest level of medical care for their time-saving convenience and in case of medical emergency, every patient will be transferred with the best care available to a higher level of care. This medical center is hoped to complete the construction process within this year to deliver quality, health services which involve providing effective, safe, people-centered care that is timely, equitable, integrated and efficient,” added the President.


Asst. Dr. Sommai Piv Sa-Art further revealed that RMUTT also established Student Health Fund that covers basic accident and sickness coverage but only for those who enroll in the student health insurance plan. On the one hand, if students decided to pay for common illness expense out-of-pocket, they could claim medical expense reimbursement afterwards. On the other hand, if students found that they had not been provided with sufficient medical coverage, RMUTT’s Student Health Fund will be responsible for providing assistance funds not more than 5,000 baht per semester person. Fortunately, RMUTT would be opening its medical center to give students medical advices and other medical services.

Facing with metal issues, a number of Thai college students have increasingly experiencing loss of learning interest, family problems, and depression that could risk themselves under highly adverse circumstances. With this awareness, RMUTT had decided to find efficient ways of tackling these problems, including making long-term policies and using the right evidence and tools to assist the students.

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