RMUTT joins hands with CPF.

Upgrading food safety approach for industrial sector Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) signed a cooperative memorandum of Education and Human Resource Development Laboratory, CPF laboratory Public Company Limited (Thailand), Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, CPF Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. to design and create (Non-Degree Course) that helps increase skills and competency of industries’ Thai food safety scientists. 

Mr Wirach Hottravisaya, Acting President of RMUTT, revealed that this cooperative approach was comprehensibly established to integrate practical experience in agricultural and food industry with scientific and technological knowledge both in theories and practice. Having potential, readiness and expertise in the relevant fields, available faculties of lecturers in the institution were capable of helping increase the leaners’ efficiency, effectiveness, and learning capacity. In order to increase one self’s expertise and be promoted to the higher career position, collaboration with experts in agricultural and food industry establishments and institution’s lecturers to design academic courses could portray real work conditions, meet the learners’ need and develop individuals’ academic skills. By encouraging learners to involve in the exchange of real-career practical experience and classroom teaching. Moreover, to reflect learner’s needs and performance, standardized evaluation procedures would be conducted and when done, certificate would be handed to learners by the institution or in partnership with its private cooperatives as an appraiser.

Asst. Dr. Niphat Jongsawat, Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology added that the Faculty of Science and Technology had designed (Non-Degree) short courses with the aim of increasing Thai labor skills that may lead to the growing numbers of food industry and safety scientists. The courses would be related to food safety, microbiology techniques, chemical techniques, instrument calibration techniques, as well as computer program and preliminary statistics for inspection reports. The courses would be emphasizing on increasing the numbers of Food Safety scientists that were equipped with skills and real-work capabilities to respond to the requirements of food industry sector. 

As for Mr. Phongsathorn Chantar, Assistant Director and Manager of Laboratory Department further explained that participants who participated this training course were office assistants of Laboratory of CPF Public Company Limited (Thailand),  Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, CPF Food and Beverage Company Limited. Related to the food quality testing, 8 laboratories with a total of 26 people would be giving their helping hand to interested participants during the next phase.

Mr. Prachuap Wongsuwan, Senior Scientist of  Calibration Laboratory of CPF in Nong Chok sub-district revealed that the project is considered to be very knowledgeable and yet very beneficial to assistant scientists. For himself, however, he believed that this non degree had been creating new skills as well as enhancing previous knowledge that he had already acquired. In addition, having a chance to participate in the course, previous scientific knowledge for the like of physics, and calibration physics had been retrieved while, new knowledge in electrical measuring instruments had been learnt that can apparently apply in calibration lab at CPF Laboratory, Nong Chok branch. Participating in the course, there had been 9 personnel joining this training.      

Ms. Anchalee Tamrawap, Analytical Lab staff of Microbiology Laboratory, CPF Company Limited, (Rayong branch) said that the Head of the Department had been selecting her to join the training course. She, herself, also wanted learn more and be able to apply what she has learnt from as ways to improve herself. Moreover, she indicated that she graduated her high vocational degree in accounting. Through the course, she has been gaining her knowledge of microbiology and learning what was going inside the laboratory. She would have to say that all the trainings were applicable and suited what she wanted and of course to those who really wanted higher job positions. 

Mr. Thanawit Thepchaisai, Staff of Calibration Laboratory in Saraburi province said that the knowledge of all 3 modules can actually be used on his work covering all beneficial aspects including  the increase of technical labor skills, and application of knowledge to improve work efficiency both himself and other participants.

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