Is a government university focusing on  Providing professional education and technology, Conducting research, creating inventions and Innovation, offering academic services to society, Conserving religion, arts and culture and Preserving the environment.


Rajamangala University of Technology  Thanyaburi (Rmutt) focuses on development Of manpower in science and technology with Professional skills and enhances Value added Human eapital to Thailand and the region


Providing undergraduate and graduate education.


RMUTT is leading university of hand-on Professional in science, technology, Innovation at national and pacing towards international level.


“To become a University that produces hands-on and professional graduates in the areas of science, technology, and innovation”


“Hands-on and professional graduates”


  1. Provide professional higher education on the foundation of science, technology, and innovation in preparation for Thailand 4.0.
  2. Conduct research, create inventions, innovation, and creative work for commercial production and transfer technology to enhance the competitiveness of the country.
  3. Provide academic services that stimulate creative thinking for communities in prioritized areas, to support freelance careers and career development, and continuously enhance people capabilities and quality of life.
  4. Preserve religion, arts, and culture, and conserve the environment.
  5. Improve human resource management on the foundation of happiness and professional advancement, to enable a changing society in response to national strategies and benefits.
  6. Organize management systems to increase efficiency, and guidelines to earn revenue that supports the main policies and is self-reliant.

Strategic issues

  1. Produce and develop professional manpower in the areas of high tech to support national strategies.
  2. Develop research and innovation to support the country’s target industries.
  3. Develop ways to become more international.
  4. Develop academic services to meet the community’s quality of life and new urban economy.
  5. Conserve and ensure continuance of arts, culture, local wisdom, and the environment.
  6. Develop organizational capabilities to support in becoming university 4.0 and a national university.


  • Faculty of Technical Education
  • Faculty of Agricultural Technology
  • Faculty of Home Economics Technology
  • Faculty of Mass Communication Technology
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Thai Traditional Medicine College

RMUTT vision