Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround”

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June 16, 2015
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March 8, 2017

Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround”

Think Tank of SMEs Turnaround

When talking about Asian countries that are successful in developing themselves as a nation, from a recent survey of global countries, Japan still remains in third position for having the highest rate of economic growth.

In-depth research yields that the industries played a major role making Japan economically successful. Specifically, 3.7 million SMEs accounted for 99% of the total households in Japan and contributed up to THB 15 billion of Japan’s revenue. This fact is a testament that SMEs are powerful in sustainably driving the growth of Japan’s economy, significantly increasing Japan’s GDP. Nevertheless, Thai SMEs also have the ability to drive the growth of the Thai economy as well. Relevant functions and authorities can join forces and collaborate with each other to strengthen Thai SMEs. Hence, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prasert Pinprathomrat, RMUTT President initiated the SMEs (Turnaround) project in partnership with The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP), The Federation Thai SME, and the SME Development Bank.

“RMUTT believes that we have the potential to strengthen the Entrepreneurial sector, especially the Turnaround group, the project’s target group. We have professors from various faculties, whom are ready to transfer their theoretical and practical knowledge, which can be adapted to build SMEs. Various inventions and innovations have been used to help businesses. Additionally, RMUTT has various scientific tools and technologies readily available in order to become a standardized laboratory and offer consulting services to solve business solutions” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prasert Pinprathomrat.

RMUTT will be responsible for providing consulting services to Thai SMEs about how to run their business, as RMUTT intends to become a Think Tank for Thai SMEs.

Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround” Power Up Thailand SMEs “Turnaround”

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