Jinjuta (Jajah) Joonvatee, Soon to Be Graduate of RMUTT Debunks Professor’s Words “You could at most sell the lottery…”

Jinjuta (Jajah) Joonvatee, Soon to Be Graduate of RMUTT Debunks Professor’s Words “You could at most sell the lottery…”

Jinjuta (Jajah) Joonvatee, Soon to Be Graduate of RMUTT Debunks Professor’s Words “You could at most sell the lottery…”

It has been almost four years since RMUTT’s Department of Public Relations mentioned Ms. Jinjuta (Jajah) Joonvatee, a Marketing student from the Faculty of Business Administration. Ms. Jinjuta has brittle bone disease and has been on a wheelchair since she was 10 years old.

Currently, Ms. Jinjuta is about graduate from the Faculty of Business Administration this May. She said that she used to be insulted by a professor whom said that she could at most just sell the lottery or become a beggar. However, the professor’s words motivated her to complete her undergraduate degree.

Parents whom bear a child born with brittle bones and is disabled from birth usually abandon their child. However, Mrs. Khanitta Miabsri, a Thai massage therapist and Ms. Jinjuta’s foster mom, adopted her since her mother left, even though she was aware that Ms. Jinjuta was disabled from birth and was not related to her at all.

When Ms. Jinjuta was five years old, her foster mom brought her to apply for school but none of the schools accepted her. She finally enrolled in Minprasatwitaya School in first grade, but was only able to study there for one month due to an accident, and had to move to Wat Thong Samrit School afterwards, spending one month there.

She had to stay at the Athletes Village in Bangkapi, Bangkok with her foster mom’s cousin because her house was far, and enrolled in Surao Thap Chang School until third grade. To make it more convenient for Ms. Jinjuta, her foster mom transferred her to Sri SangWan School, a school for children with physical disabilities, part of the Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled of HRH Princess SriNakarin, in Pakret, Nonthaburi province. Her foster mom also relocated and rented an apartment next to the school so she could take care of Ms. Jinjuta. Ms. Jinjuta studied at Srisangwalae School until she completed ninth grade.

After completing ninth grade, Ms. Jinjuta enrolled in Pakret School and was fortunate to have friends and teachers that took care of her until she graduated from high school and was directly accepted to RMUTT.

“My dream is to study journalism as I wanted to become a journalist. I had the opportunity to be on ‘Jor Jai’ TV show when I was five years old. Furthermore, Ms. Supa Peungsook from the Legal department of Johnson and Johnson Company supported me. I have seen people who work in the industry and I would like to work in this industry as well” said Ms. Jinjuta.

Ms. Jinjuta added that due to physical limitations, she decided to study Marketing, a related field. Personally, she likes to talk to other people and sees Marketing as a career opportunity as there are many career paths. Furthermore, she must be very careful because her bones are fragile, easily crooked, and prone to being broken. She had to undergo surgery once a year because of her disease and has undergone 24 surgeries to this day. Despite her misfortune, Ms. Jinjuta was fortunate to receive unconditional love from her foster mother.

“Although my mom and I have been through difficulties and have skipped many meals, we are the only ones that understand how it feels like” said Ms. Jinjuta.

Ms. Jinjuta’s foster mom, Mrs. Khanitta, has been a Thai massage therapist for more than 22 years. Ms. Jinjuta remembers that she would follow her mom and bring with her a paper and sketch pad wherever her mom’s clients are as to not disturb her.

“Currently, my mom is not a Thai massage therapist anymore. My mom and I have started a gift shop business selling various bags at the RMUTT walking street every Tuesday to Thursday from 16:00 – 22:00. Our products can also be ordered via Twitter (@Thejajahshop)” said Ms. Jinjuta.

Looking back, Ms. Jinjuta and her mom have come a very long way. Ms. Jinjuta is about to graduate from RMUTT and currently has a 2.5 CGPA.

“With my mom’s and others’ support, I will work to support my mom, despite any obstacles I may have to face” Ms. Jinjuta added.

“Do not be discouraged and do not compare yourself to anyone. Do what you set out to do, and if there are any obstacles along the way, take a rest, and once you have recovered, keep on going forward” said soon to be Marketing graduate from RMUTT’s Faculty of Business Administration.