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Internationally recognized RMUTT Researcher’s Innovation

Internationally recognized RMUTT Researcher’s Innovation

“Japanese” amazed with “Fine Bubbles Generator” for Mineral Water Spray Production

On October 20, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sorapong Phawasupree, Lecturer in Materials Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) revealed that he had joined with the faculty alumni and the private sector to helping design and craft “Fine Bubble Generator in water” or Nano Micro Bubble. However, to increase the efficiency of catalytic activity by light to produce mineral water spray fom Hokkaido and shoes deodorant contained imported mineral water from Thailand.  “Fine bubbles generator” had been integrated by its newly invented technology so called “Fine Bubbles Technology”. During the production process, nano-bubbles or bubbles with the size of nano/ micrometer was created. He also gave further details on how he had received technological transfer and collaboration from Kyoto University, Japan that could be applied to help conduct, design, and develop this innovative work. Moreover, product testing using fine water bubbles to help increase the amounts of oxygen in water was also operated. It was widely known that having increased in oxygen could positively be affecting the function of human body particularly with the skin.  

  Asst. Prof. Dr. Sorapong added that, this ‘Fine Bubble Generator’ possessed oxygen generating controller to help increase by 1 to 7 times the original amount of water with nano-sized bubbles. Currently, he had also registered a patent on ‘Fine Bubbles Generator’ already in the name of RMUTT and commercially distributed the machine which was used for manufacturing SORA Fresh Hokkaido Mineral Water. It was well-known that mineral water from Hokkaido, Japan was filled with purity through the process of adding oxygen with ‘Fine Bubble Generator’. This mineral water was free from synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives. When spraying the water approximately 1 foot away on surface of the body and face, mineral water would penetrate the skin without rinsing and yet it could make the skin fresh, dirt-free, and moist. 

At the moment, Zora Fresh Hokkaido Mineral Water products have been distributed through online shop, Shopee.co.th. Moreover, positive feedbacks were received from customers especially when it came through words of mouth after treating with the mineral water and skin improvement had been found noticeably. Additionally, a private sector from Japan had been contacting the distributor in Thailand and asked for an approval to let product distribute via the website in Japan. http://nanobestjapan.lsv.jp/sora.html. Fortunately, Japanese buyers had shown their interests with the product and thus, many representatives from different manufacturers had been negotiating to request for a license for ‘Fine Bubbles Generator’ to produce Zora Fresh Hokkaido Mineral Water products in Japan.

From these exacerbating feedbacks of Zora Fresh Hokkaido Mineral Water product, Representative, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Business Center Company Limited” Mrs. Rungruedai Chaesawangwong, made contact and signed an agreement with RMUTT requesting for permission to use intellectual property rights in order to manufacture and distribute Hokkaido mineral water spray in Thailand.

“I really believe that this research innovation is considered to be beneficial to the researcher especially when it is in a way help promote and support academic institutions, other researchers, and Thailand’s educational circles to compete their works in the international stage. Regarding to the Zora Fresh Hokkaido Mineral Water distributed in stores, 80 ml aluminum bottled mineral water spray is available for 250 baht, 250 ml of PETG mineral water spray is 250 baht per bottle, 150 ml of aluminum mineral water spray is 350 baht per bottle and for refill, price is set at 400 baht and the largest amount will be 850 baht per bottle”, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sorapong said. 

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