International Program

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi accept international applicants on follow programs:

Programs of study: (international programs) 

Undergraduate programs

Faculty Disciplines Degree granted Year acknowledged
Business Administration Marketing B.B.A. 2011
Business Administration Business English B.B.A. 2011
Business Administration Business Computer B.B.A. 2011
Business Administration International Business Administration B.B.A. 2011

Graduate Programs

Faculty Disciplines Degree granted Year acknowledged
Engineering(Doctor of Engineering) Energy and Materials Engineering D.Eng In progress
Mass Communication Technology(Doctor of Philosophy) Color science and Human Vision Ph.D. In progress

 General information: (for international programs only)

Number of lecturers 55
Number of supporting staff 2
Number of Thai students at undergraduate level 375
Number of Thai students at graduate level 9
Number of foreign students 3

 Qualifications of applicants:

Degree Requirement Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral
Qualifications High School /Diploma Holder of Bachelor’s Degree Holder of Master’s Degree


1.  auditorium 7.  laboratories
2. bank 8.  medical services
3. bookstore 9.  postal services
4. campus transportation 10. residential services
5. central library 11. sport facilities
6. computer center

Residence and dormitory: (approximately per month in USD)*

Room type & charge On campus Off campus
Single 141 USD
Double 94 USD 157 USD

 Tuition and fees: (approximately per year in USD)* 

Degree Disciplines Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral
Social Science 2188 USD
Science 2500 USD

                                                                                        *1 USD = 32 Baht

Undergraduate International Program 

Bachelor of Business Administration Program (IBBA)

Tuition fee: 35,000 – 40,000 THB per semester

(Total program: 280,000 – 320,000 THB)

Doctor of Engineering Program in Energy and Material Engineering

Tuition fee:

1.1 Thesis 2.1 Courses  and Thesis
     semester 1: 2,219 USD semester 1: 954 USD
     semester 2-6 per semester: 1,172 USD semester 2: 1,735 USD
     (Total program: 8,079 USD) semester 3-4 per semester : 1,922 USD
semester 5-6 per semester : 2,672 USD
(Total program: 11,875 USD)

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Color Science and Human Vision

semester 1: 2,063 USD

semester 2: 1,532 USD

semester 3-6 per semester: 2,125 USD

(Total program: 13,407 USD)

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