Help desk service

1. Help desk and online repair services
Provides help desk and repair services via onsite services to university buildings or online. Provides services to professors in each faculty and university personnel in terms of program installation, specific programs for repairing computers (e.g., computers that freeze often, are slow, or display a blue screen) as well as setup LAN and WiFi.

2. Computer repair and maintenance services for users
Provides computer repair and maintenance services to RMUTT students, professors, and personnel. Users that would like to use these services may bring their laptop to the iWork@RT building.
● OS or program installation
● Computer repair services
● Printer repair services
● Program troubleshooting
● Equipment setup

3. Internet Account services
Provides RMUTT personnel and students with services to gain access to WiFi. The Internet Account is compatible with Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enable open access to the university’s research.

4. Services to obtain a copy of computer and license software

5. Computer lab services

6. University e-mail services
● Student e-mail:
● Faculty and staff e-mail:
● Intranet (Outlook) for faculty and staff email:

7. Computer services for language learning
Computers used for learning languages are offered to RMUTT students, professors, and personnel.

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