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From Seeds into Products: ‘360° Cannabis & Hemp for the People’ exhibition

As one of the Thailand’s first and full flavor cannabis exhibition, “360° Cannabis & Hemp for the People” expo was hosted by a collaboration between Food and Drug Administration – FDA and the 9th Public Health Region under the Burirum Provincial Health Office from 5th to 7th of March at the Chang International Circuit Stadium.  The biggest event of its kind in the country was designed to educate general people on the use of cannabis and hemp from upstream, mid-stream and downstream. Thus, providing all the supports in developing the products both the medical and commercial use will help promote career creation and income generation for the people of Thailand and right now the government had already unlocked hemp and cannabis to promote new cash crops.

Soon after Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul and his Cabinet approved an amendment to the 5th Narcotic Act, cannabis leaf, branch, stem, bark, root, and fiber was allowed for medical purposes. There are 2 main components in cannabis: cannabidiol, known as CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC. THC extracts are not allowed of more than 0.2. Hemp seed, oil, and its extract can be used for medical, research, and business purposes.

Withid Sarideechaikoo, Director of Buriram Public Health and organizer of the “360° “Cannabis & Hemp for the People” exhibition revealed, “With collaborative partnerships among Public Health departments, this event funded by Food and Drug Administration – FDA was organized to promote the biggest event of hemps and cannabis exhibition. The highlights of the event include unlocking cannabis use, cannabis business registration guide, and the use of cannabis. It would be really interesting for those of you who want to see how to plant a cannabis, how to cook them, or how to turn them into cosmetic products. During the event, visitors could watch, taste, and learn about the cannabis and its products. Fortunately, for those of you who are researchers, medical conference about hemps and cannabis is also organized. During the academic event, new research articles on hemps and cannabis from the last couple of years will be presented. Hopefully, the findings of those research studies written by Thailand’s leading researchers would help us reveal their true benefits and somehow make us knowledgeable. Nonetheless, workshops on hemp oil and cannabis extraction including presentation of private business booths and government ones on products will be displayed. In addition, cannabis clinic and their experts will be waiting for your service without one dime to spend. We will have to say that there are no other events that facilitate visitors as much as this event. We also have covid-19 safety measures including enforcement policy for face mask, temperature measurement, and social-distancing policy.” Dr. Withit added.

Concerning the actual highlights of “360° Cannabis & Hemp for the People Expo”, some of the leading private companies and government agencies had joined their hands to introduce interesting facts on cannabis and hemp including how to grow them, how to turn them into products, and how to add additional value to products. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had presented their knowledge on the medical uses of cannabis, while the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) promoted the health and economic benefits of cannabis and its Cannabidiol (CBD). Additionally, guidance on cannabis business registration and dried cannabis cola selling policies was provided by a collaboration between Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) and Department of Medical Services.  Institute of Dermatology Thailand and Udon Thani’s Cancer Institute offered their expertise on Cannabis and other types of herbal products. Interestingly, Department of Medical Sciences introduced their Cannabis testers and THC along with CBD test kits. Department of Thai traditional and Alternative Medicine contributed their knowledge on cannabis oil, Metta-Osot oil, and Karuun-Osot oil. They also illustrated how to make cannabis tea, cannabis soap, and cannabis borneol.  Thailand’s Medical Marijuana Institute and Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital invited all the visitors to acquire their knowledge on medicinal cannabis policies, soil for cannabis, measures of cannabis use, cannabis spa, and other types of cannabis products. Food recipes, lab-made cannabis drinks and snacks offered by community enterprises were presented as well.

In addition, a number of private and educational research institutes showcased their innovations related to use of hemp and cannabis materials including hemp blocks produced by the Department of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi while Rangsit University representatives introduced their office syndrome treatment, promoted cannabis oil as sports medicine and offered various cannabis food and beverages.

Bara Scientific Co., Ltd brought their experts to demonstrate innovative extraction procedures while Kongkiat Textile Co., Ltd developed clothing made of hemp fiber. Involving hemp-tea making, Yasuda Company Limited had showcased their products. Furthermore, community enterprises had also exhibited their cannabis products and services as well as offered their planting knowledge. Some other enterprises had also continuously developed their products including a Community Enterprise Konjac Planting and Processing Group, Organic Agriculture Ban Thung Pam as an expert of medicinal hemp and cannabis production who developed Fluid Extraction (SFE)-CO2 and experimental green houses, Thai Herb Community Enterprise for Medical Purposes, in Buri Ram’s Khu Muang district who demonstrated cultivation of medical Cannabis and other herbal plants,

Community Enterprise Group (Lateral Thinking for Everlasting Smile) who presented their new cultivation technology for medical purposes, members of Non Malai Thai Herbal Community Enterprise who were given 6 cannabis plants as a pilot project for commercial cannabis cultivation who illustrated how to make cane juice mixed with cannabis extract and fried cricket chili paste, Lahan Sai Organic Herbs for Health Community Enterprise who offered various types of herbal products, and Play La Ploen Community Enterprise who introduced different types of hemp and cannabis products including cosmetics, beverages, snacks, and hemp fiber plates. It was also their first launch of their products as well as demonstration of growing and cannabis cultivation. Having most renowned researchers joining the conference on hemp and cannabis, topics were discussed to reveal the importance of its medical uses. Two seminar rooms are tailored to host the conference for 3 consecutive days from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. The topics discussed during the conference were, “6 Cannabis Plants for the Dream Comes True” by Dr. Kitti Loe-Suwan, Director of Thailand’s Medical Marijuana Institute – “From Underground to Overground”, by Ajarn Decha, Director of Kwan Kao Foundation, “Guidance of Hemp and Cannabis Use under New Regulations”, by Pharm. Supatra Boonserm, Vice Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration,  Pharm. Pornsuree Srisawang (Senior Professional Level), Pharm. Sunchai Junto (Professional Level), Office of Narcotics, Department of  Food and Drug Administration, “Comprehensive guide of Cannabis With Abhaibhubejhr Hospital” by Pharm. Dr. Supaporn Pitiporn, representative of Abhaibhubejhr Hospital etc.

Moreover, consultation sessions during the exhibition were also provided by representatives of Narcotics Division, Food and Drug Administration and Health Consumer Protection and Pharmacy Department, Buri-Rum Provincial Public Health Office to educate those who are interested in applying a commercial cannabis license under the new regulation starting from advising application procedures, informing regulations and giving other useful tips. There were also 3 other highlights on cannabis workshops including Cannabis Medical Clinic for free treatment by licensed medical experts in the field of traditional and modern medicine. These medical gurus were also able to provide consultations on the use of cannabis extract. Other workshops offered a variety of free courses including the making of “Cannabis Soap and Cannabis Camphor” by Medical Marijuana Institute and Abhaibhubejhr Hospital”, “Hemp Crispy Rice” by Play La Ploen, “Cannabis-Mixed Beverages”, “Craft Soda”, “Cannabis KaoYum”, “Fluffy Rice and Cannabis Flour Cake”, “Cannabis Choc Ball”, “Cannabis Soy Sauce”, and Cannabis Balm by Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, and delicious “ Thai noodle” cooked by the legendary noodle maker  Mr, Sittichun Vuthipornkul. The last highlight of the exhibition entitled, “Enjoy, Eat, and Spend,” would be focusing on showcasing different types of cannabis and hemp products including clothes, cannabis extracts, LED tree growers, cannabis mixed snacks, cosmetics, etc. manufactured by Ban Huai Sai Female Farmer Embroidery Group, Highland Research and Development Institute, Institute for small and Medium Enterprises Development (ISMED), by Hempthai Company Limited, and by the Department of Pharmacy, Rangsit University. This is just an exhibition, ‘360° Cannabis & Hemp for the People’ is one of the greatest events that resulted from collaboration among private and government sectors to drive Cannabis and Hemps as national cash crops. The exhibition will be starting from Friday 5th of March to Sunday 7th of at 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. at Chang International Circuit Stadium, Burirum proince.


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