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Faculty of Home Economics Technology

The Faculty of Home Economics Technology is one of RMUTT’s ten faculties operating under the Ministry of Education. The faculty offers Bachelor’s Degrees in Home Economics Technology (B.H.E.), with the student’s specialization or major listed afterwards in parentheses

In 1975, the Faculty of Home Economics launched two-year programs at Bangkok Technical College, South Bangkok campus, and Prince Chumphonkhetudomsakdi campus. Three programs were offered: Textiles and Clothing, Foods and Nutrition, and Home Economics Studies,

In 1976, the Faculty of Home Economics moved to what is now known as the South Bangkok campus.

In 1981. it moved again to what is known as Chakrabongse Bhuvanarth campus. In 1992, the Faculty moved for a final time, to its current location at RMIT, Klong Hok, Amphoe Thanyaburi, Pathumthani.

In 1993, it started to offer four-year programs to students at degree level. Students at that time studied at the Faculty for two years, and on-campus somewhere else for two years. There were four programs:

1. Textiles and Clothing
2. Foods and Nutrition – Food Business (students studied at Technical College for 2 years)
3. Home Economics Studies – Creative Crafts Business (students studied at Chotiwet campus for 2 years)
4. Family and Child Development (students studied at South Bangkok campus for 2 years)

In 1999, the Faculty enabled the two-year and fouryear program students to study at the Faculty itself for the duration of the program. There were six programs of 4-year study, and four programs of 2-year study,

In 2007, the Faculty of Home Economics changed its name to the “Faculty of Home Economics Technology,” which has, until the present day, offered both 4-year and 2-year programs, as well as a credit transfer program, in three different departments:

• Textiles and Clothing
• Foods and Nutrition
• Home Economics

Careers after graduation

Upon graduation, graduates may pursue careers as a professor, researcher, academic advisor for both the public and private sectors, nutrition manager, nutritionist in a hospital, product quality control officers, garment designer, or as a government official in a department related to design and garments, among other careers.

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