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RMUTT Students Sweep Three Awards in Japan

RMUTT students received three awards in a contest, in collaboration between Hokkaido Information University (HIU), Japan and RMUTT. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natha Kuptasthien, Ph.D. Assistant to the President for International Relations at RMUTT said that RMUTT has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Hokkaido Information University (HIU), Japan to collaborate by organizing a website design contest since 2009. This year’s contest was organized to identify potential talent to join technical training. The contest was divided into three sub-categories: International Web Design Contest (iWDC), Computer Programming Contest (iCPC), and International Short Films Contest (iSFC). The contest was separated into two phases. The first phase was held between August 27th and September 5th, 2017 at RMUTT, and the second phase was held between September 9th to 20th at Hokkaido Information University (HIU). RMUTT students received first place in all three sub-categories, from a total of 36 students that participated in the contest.

Ms. Rossarin (Koy) Suksombat, a student from the Faculty of Technical Education received first place in the International Web Design Contest (iWDC). The contest theme was “diversity”, meaning a range of different things or a variety. The concept of the website is to display various ways to do agriculture and use new agricultural practices. The website was developed to encourage farmers to follow King Rama IX’s sustainable agriculture practices.

Mr. Mathi (Guy) Kanchanaphan, a student from the Faculty of Engineering received first place in the Computer Programming Contest (iCPC). He said that he joined the contest because he was interested learning more computer skills. Joining the contest was a good experience as he had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Japanese friends. Japan has very advanced technology and is a country that creates numerous inventions. APP:CPC-Carpark by Mr. Mathi was created from the concept that there are many road users, creation of new buildings, which leads to fewer parking spaces, and more car parking businesses. Department store parking lots were also ideas for creating the business. For Mr. Mathi’s carpark, the program will examine the steadiness of the vehicle when the sensor detects a value from the ultrasonic. The program starts recording time spent parking when the vehicle has been stable for at least 10 seconds. The user will not be charged a fee if the vehicle is still moving. Once the vehicle is parked, the NodeMCU will send data to the Firebase Database every minute. The longer a vehicle is parked, the more money the user is charged. When the vehicle vacates the parking lot sensor, the program will halt for 10 seconds then send data to the Firebase Database again to display the results and record it in the database.

Moreover, Mr. Akarachai (Top) Sukcheuy and Mr. Thanapat (Arm) Reunsukhon, students from the Faculty of Mass Community Technology have received first place in the International Short Films Contest (iSFC) for “Lost Page”, their five-minute film under the theme of maps. “Life is like a journey. One has to find the right path, and if part of the path is missing, one may walk towards the wrong direction. However, there will be others who will help along the way or join the path as well” said Mr. Akarachai (Top) Sukcheuy and Mr. Thanapat (Arm) Reunsukhon. Both students were pleased to receive the award and participate in the contest. They learned numerous editing techniques used for short films and also had an opportunity to collaborate with Japanese friends.

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RMUTT Students Sweep Three Awards in Japan

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