Rainbow Flower, new menu from RMUTT

Rainbow Flower, new menu from RMUTT

Eating flowers by fresh or fried together with flour for being the good health is now being more popular. Moreover, Thai people at the present have also played huge attention on health care increasingly.

In order to increase the channel for these purposes, therefore, three girls, Jieb or Miss Jarisa Thongtabthai, New or Miss Kanaporn Kriskaseamsan and Few or Miss Nutchanart Yamsuan, the 4th year students majored Food and Nutrient, Faculty of Home Economics Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, RMUTT, have created new food menu named Rainbow Flower, advised jointly by Professor U-jitchaya Jitwimon and Professor Dr. Sue Mason from New Zealand, consultant of Academic Cooperation between RMUTT Faculty of Agriculture and Sciences Lincoln University. New Zealand

Three girls addressed that it is easy to make at home and it is low cost of production. The product can be done by mixture of flour, sugar and flowers which consist with many colors, helping to provoke people’s starving. Moreover, the flowers also provide fibers and other benefits to the eaters. 1 set of Rainbow Flowers comprises with 7 flowers, these are safflower flowers, pandan, bougainvillea flower, red sorrel flower, Chitoria ternatea Linn flower, marigold flower and ixora flower. These flowers have given the different medical advantages. Firstly, safflower flowers has got safflower yellow and carthamin inside which help to enrich the blood, heart and nerve, drive out sweat, reduce the fat in the blood vessel. Secondly, fragrant pandan help decrease hyperglycaemia, blood pressure, heart breath rate and discharge the urine. Thirdly, bougainvillea flower is certified to help enrich the blood, heart and excretory system. Fourthly, red sorrel flower has got Flavonoid to prevent cancer. Fifthly, Chitoria ternatea Linn flower has got anthocyanin to help increase the efficiency of eyesight. Sixthly, marigold flower helps enrich the eyesight and release the cough. Finally, ixora flower help to conjunctivitis and watery eyes.

For the ingredient and recipient of the flower leafs:

1 ½ measuring cup of filtered wheat flour

½ measuring cup of powdered sugar

¼ measuring cup of soyabean oil

¼ tea spoon of powdered salt

White sesame (to stick on the flower pollen)

3 table spoon of fresh Chitoria ternatea Linn flower

2 ½ table spoon of fresh Fragrant pandan (well chopped)

2 table spoon of fresh marigold flower (well chopped)

2 ½ table spoon of dry red sorrel flower (well grinded)

2 ½ table spoon of red ixora flower (well chopped)

2 table spoon of pink bougainvillea flower (well chopped)

1 table spoon of safflower flowers (well grinded)


  1. Mix all together with the filtered wheat flour, powdered sugar and salt and prepared flowers.
  2. Put a little soyabean oil but continually.
  3. Mold all the mixed ingredients as flower leafs or water drop.
  4. Follow the steps from 1 to 3 with all 7 flowers.
  5. Mix half volume of the ingredients in the 1st step again but do not put the prepared flowers. This is done to make the flower pollen.
  6. Combine all components of flowers and apply soyabean oil with all the components in order that they can be stuck to each other.
  7. Bring the pollen (that they has done from the second mixture of the ingredient in the 5th step) to stick on the flowers. Then, apply yolk and spread white sesame.
  8. Take them to put on the stencil paper and roast them with the temperature at 280 degree Fahrenheit around 30 minutes and leave them cool a bit. Finally, keep them in the containers to keep crisp.
    This information can be brought to make for sale for who is interested in. For more information please contact Jieb or Miss Jarisa Thongtabthai at 083-114-8263, New 084-649-0104 or Few 083-050-6689.


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Rainbow Flower, new menu from RMUTT

Rainbow Flower, new menu from RMUTT Eating flowers by fresh or fried together with flour for being the good health is now being more popular. Moreover, […]
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