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Survive Rate up to 95%, Automated “Cordyceps” Cultivation House

Survive Rate up to 95%, Automated “Cordyceps” Cultivation House

Thairath (Afternoon news), issue on November 14, 2018


These days, farmers started to cultivate “Cordyceps”, one of the mushroom spicy. However, it survival rate was less than 50% because of we couldn’t appropriately control temperature, humidity and moistness, and climate. Moreover, half of the rest survival mushrooms were infected by fungi. They got a few below average quality mushrooms which can be sold in a cheaper price. From that issues, Asst. Prof. Dr. Chakri Srinonchat, faculty of engineering (RMUTT), has been designed and developed automated “Cordyceps” cultivation house which increased the survival rate of cordyceps more than 95%. Besides, we also got a high standard quality of cordyceps which can be sold up to 30,000 baht per kilogram. This innovative cultivation house has been funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (Thailand). Furthermore, it has been awarded a gold medal and special awards in Romanian Association for Non-conventional Technologies Buscharest, “11th International Warsaw” event organized in Romania. The “Cordyceps” cultivation house has been designed, developed, and built with the size of 10 square meters, 2.5 x 10 x 2.5 m. (W x L x H). Inside the cultivation house, it has pedestal for 3,000 cultivation bottles which are used for cultivating cordyceps. It was built with cold temperature control materials and equipment, 50 mm, for controlling the inside temperature (15 to 18 Celsius). Relative humidity was controlled in-between 30 to 40%. Air filter system has been built-in to filter the air quality, included carbon filter. Carbon filter was really important in the beginning because during blossom period, too many carbons will lead to abnormal mushroom shape. Other controlling systems have been built-in as well such as Oxygen and Carbon-dioxide controlling systems for keeping mushrooms alive, fungi controlling system for disinfecting rot disease and virus in mushrooms (non-standard quality mushroom). All the automated-controlling system can be configured and recorded with computer, historical data could be used to validate and verify. If something occurred, the system will transmit notification to user’s smartphone. Asst. Prof. Dr. Chakri further explained that this automated “Cordyceps” cultivation house costs 700,000 baht. We have been installed the prototype in cordyceps farm of uncle Yuth in Wihan Daeng district, Saraburi province. The result was outstanding. The survival rate was more than 99% with the increasing of Corducepin, Adenosine, and Polysaccharides in Cordyceps. Every 3 month, they can produced up to 8 kilograms per time which can be sold 30,000 baht per kilogram. At present, 6 generations of cordyceps have been produced and distributed with the net profit of 1,440,000 baht. The life cycle of automated cordyceps cultivation house can be used for 5 years. Please contact 08-977-5038 for further information.

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