AIS Guilds the Best way for the Senior Students to be Ready for Real Work World.

AIS Guilds the Best way for the Senior Students to be Ready for Real Work World.

Now, if talking about seeking jobs, it is unavoidable to talk about the word “Difficult”. Therefore, it would be better or not if senior students who are completing the courses soon from the university will prepare themselves, efficiency enough to the real work world.

AIS or Advanced Info Service Plc, one of many big companies which has great experiences of selection and recruitment of employees and always follow up what the need of markets want from the different fields of study, recently has conducted the activity which it could help transfer and exchange knowledge and information. Here, students could perhaps be able to increase their capacity and ability to match the need of the company and organization, working in both private and public. It is believed that if once students can pass the first round of employee recruitment, they will be able to step up to the happy world of their work life.

In “The 3rd AIS Guidance to New Bachelors Stepping up the Work World” there has been many booths and training programs about “How to be professional the Job Seekers” (tips, filling the good application from and interview) via job exhibition and presentation presented by Ms. Tippawan Sirikoon, director of Office of Human Resource Management. Moreover, she has also contributed job information, and tasks of job seekers. Making mistakes of filling in the application from and bringing parent to the workplaces when having the interview are recommended to not do so. The company staffs would think that these people are no ready enough to work in the real work, as like child manner. Application paper forms must be filled up in good handwriting to show the intention of applier. Lastly, dressing during the job interview, the job seekers must be required to wear formal dress for men and skirt for women only (jeans and skinny jeans are not recommended). Furthermore, she also raises other types of interviews which are 1 person interviewer or 2 person interviewers too in order that students will have good chances to deal with these possible problems from the example of real interview of AIS at Stage

For this project, AIS has started conducting this activity at the meeting hall at The Government Public Relations Department, Bangkok and after that they will be at Khon Kaen University at the end of August, Chiangmai University on September 1st, Hat Yai Campus | Prince of Songkla University on September 8th, and Burapha University, Chonburi on September 16th, 2010 consequently.

Ms.Wilai Keangpradoo, Vice President Public Relations of AIS addressed that “We expected all prospectors can bring real usage of the knowledge as like 2 4th year students generation passed. This knowledge could increase their ability and more opportunity to succeed and step in the real workplace confidently.”

Ms. Pochanan Chanpratin, the 4th year students form Faculty of Liberal Art, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi said “Thank you for AIS that they conducted a very good activity, helping me to have more opportunity to increase my ability and develop my personality in order to be ready to work efficiently”

Expectation of AIS to prepare students being ready to work in the world is becoming true since every 4th year student participants said out loud together about this good activity.